CEO SPACE assists Sovereign Nations to lower cost and to reduce time to develop Entrepreneur Treasury Revenue in Nation, fostering advanced Entrepreneur training everywhere in the Global Village. Helping host nations elevate GNP and stability in nation is a critical mission of education provided by CEO SPACE in nation.


CEO SPACE International, Inc. has been offering University Affiliated Curriculums to develop Entrepreneur commerce through advanced education. CEO SPACE trainers represent leading Corporate trainers. Harry Lay, CPA, built the majority of WalMart and larger big box stores worldwide for two decades. Larry Ransom is a leading trainer for Microsoft and Starbucks Coffee. International Law firms are also included in Forum Faculty. CEO SPACE is a University affiliated training and educational company. (See a 10 minute video about half way down this page - scroll to "featured videos"). See more videos »

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Featured Videos - Validate All Claims

Featured Videos BELOW help viewers match their industry category, such as physician, attorney, service industry, manufacturer, retail and many others to a short ten minute "click and play" film clip. A growing number of larger Fortune Management teams use CEO SPACE as a resource for vision planning, and expert coaching appropriate for the larger firm and its global mission objectives.

Please note our latest films require Real Player to be installed on your computer FAST FREE DOWNLOADS follow. You may down load the latest player FREE from MAC and Linux versions available.



CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. produces HOST NATION showcase very advance Business MBA level training for local in nation business owners. Programs are simul translated to appeal to diverse cultures in nation. Host sponsors invite up to a maximum of 5,000 VIP guests who own small business activities, or wish to start small business, as well as larger firm Executives and investors, creating a local MENTOR MIXER. CEO SPACE facilitates a world trade show during the training that helps expand markets and options for participating guests. More rapid development of business, with management better educated in the Entrepreneur Space, produces rapid GNP and treasury revenue improvements. These results positively affect national credit and interactive dealings with other nations. We reduce time and cost to develop treasury revenue.



CEO SPACE Entrepreneur Training is the most advanced in the world. Host nations investing in “brain software” receive benefits that shave off years of other directions for economic development. Over a week, CEO SPACE instructs business owners host nations invite to FREE ENTERPRISE FORUMS on the topics of:

  • Planning and improved plan development
  • Team development and execution
  • Governance and ethics
  • Marketing and Niche Markets
  • Brand development for any product or service regardless of how rural
  • Capital acquisition strategy for expansion
  • Delegation
  • Systems
  • Fiscal governance
  • Hyper-Growth Strategies and Challenges
  • Import/Export
  • Alliance and Network creation

The full scope of forum educational offerings appears on

Super Teaching is a breakthrough for classroom design that virtually “turns the brain’s record switch to ON” for every learner. Adult students experience a more relaxed learning, a deeper retention, which is all effortless. Super Teaching is a congressionally designated Title I technology for USA public schools distributed by license from the University of Alabama Huntsville and Dell Education. Super Teaching helps make each Host Nation Showcase higher performance featuring long lasting results, and with prestige and stature of being first with revolutionized classroom education through improved whole brain retention. (See


The online form (click here) provides all the required details to acquire a Sovereign Nation program for cities in your country. The appropriate economic development ministers will wish to visit to review some on line information and films. A video call with CEO SPACE specialist in the Sovereign Nation program will be scheduled with Deborah Gilbert, attorney and assistant to CEO SPACE Chairman at 256.850. 4710. Typically a VIP decision maker group will attend a USA Forum to review the product you are purchasing. Following the completion of your due diligence, the host nation completes the online form and pre-pays for each City week being acquired. The Forum is delivered in a timely manner for each week under contract.


Anthony Robbins

CEO Space proudly endorses Tony Robbins: A Partner in Super Teaching for additional information.

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